Bobby Brown



Bobby Brown isn’t really a bartender.  He’s simply been method acting in cocktail bars for over 7 years.  In fact, he’s been so dedicated to this role that the best barmen in the area recognize him as one of their own.
A transplant from Rhode Island (or Massachusetts, same thing really), Bobby entered F & B as a way to meet (more) girls while traveling the Club Med circuit.  Eventually he landed in Miami Beach.  For 3 years, he elevated the high-volume cocktail program at Mr. Chow in the iconic W Hotel.
But his appreciation of craft deepened when he joined the gang at Sweetwater in Boynton Beach in early 2014.  Since then, he has forgotten more about whiskey than most men learn in a lifetime.  Under the tutelage of bar owners Clint Reed and Sean Iglehart, Bobby’s creative verve and hustle have helped the team develop award-winning cocktail lists.
Most recent, he has partnered with the artistic genius behind Sweetwater to form Craft Cartel, a catering endeavor that mobilizes craft cocktail yet holds true to outlaw spirit of Sweetwater.
However, he’s not a real bartender.  He can’t be.  He can’t even grow a beard and he doesn’t have a single tattoo.